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Celadon captures the freshness of spring, to create one of our most intriguing fragrances. The emerald aromas of Italian bergamot, crisp lemons and black currant refresh your mind and lift your spirit.

Inspiration: Nature, Clean, Refreshing, Effortless

Fragrance Notes: Floral Oriental Peony, Lily of the Valley, Sweet Spices

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Delicate and inviting, the allure of Necture is enchanting like a soft spring rain. Experience the sweet nectar & enjoy the finest aroma nature has to offer.

Notes: Tender Jasmine, Apple Blossoms, Fresh Mint & Lily
Style: Sweet and subtle.

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Royal Extract
The delight of every Queen Bee, Royal Extract delivers a sweet blend of golden honey and Royal Jelly. Named the “elixir of life” for its ability to enrich and restore the body, Royal Jelly also soothes your soul in this luscious scent.

Inspiration: Classic, Regal, Traditional, Warm Hues of Honey

Fragrance Notes: Warm Richness, Golden Honey, Sweet Apple Blossoms, Soft Woods

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  Royal Extract
It is impossible to keep your encounters with Tryst a secret. Our signature fragrance and most glamorous collection leaves you awestruck with its bold bouquet of green florals, fleur d’ orangery and jasmine.

Inspiration: Glamorous, Opulent, dazzling, a couture style

Fragrance Notes: Sophisticated Floral, Green Florals, white jasmine, fleur 'd orangerys

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Everyday Essentials

Some things you just can't live without. When it comes to Everyday Essentials, reach for the best. You'll glow from head to toe with these fun-damental beauty necessities.

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  Tryst Everyday Essentials
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